Paradise Place (Henderson, NV)
By Renée Donohue~Home Photography, Western Michigan Real Estate Photographer
(Savvy Home Pix)
Renters are becoming buyers finally as resale purchase prices drop and economic conditions in the valley are preventing high numbers of new incoming residents to move here. This has softened rental prices slightly as many investors are buying all cash in the market currently and then renting. More homes available for rent (higher supply) and less renters (lower demand.) Units Leased: April 2013:  3100 March 2013:  3188 February 2013:  3141 January 2013:  2608 December 2012:  2289 November 2012:  2690 October 2012:  2913 September 2012:  2626 August 2012:  3409 July 2012:  2912 June 2012:  3007 May 2012:  2880 April 2012:  2590 March 2012:  3031 February 2012:  2835 Average Monthly Rental Rates: April 2013:  $1283 March 2013:  $1315 February 2013:  $1274 January 2013:  $1462 December 20...
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By Chris Shouse, Realtor - Las Vegas
(Lyoness USA)
  When we last left Ms. Realtor® she was in a quandary as to what to do for her clients, Peter and Wendy.  On the one hand she had a contract all prepared that they wanted to sign.  On the other hand a brand new listing came to her attention.  Not only a new listing but a brand new townhouse in an area that is new and in the parameters that Peter and Wendy wanted to live in.  Plus it was with in the budget that Peter and Wendy had set.      On the day that Ms. Realtor® was to meet with Peter and Wendy to get the contract signed, she left early and drove to the new listing.  Having worked with Peter and Wendy for two years she knew exactly what they were looking for.  This place was gorgeous it had everything and more that Peter and Wendy could want.      With this knowledge she knew wha...
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