Cortez Heights (North Las Vegas, NV)
By Lori Ballen, Digital Marketing Strategist
(Keller Williams Las Vegas)
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By Renée Donohue~Home Photography, Western Michigan Real Estate Photographer
(Savvy Home Pix)
I was shocked.  Some days on home inspection days you fret a little because you just know there are issues but yesterday I didn't even squirm.  The house was built in 2005 and appeared "solid". Until the Home inspector turned on the water and everything (except the bathroom sinks) started leaking like a sieve.  Including toilets.  Including a hose bib.  Including pipes in walls.  Including the roof (well turning the water on didn't cause that one!)  Including the kitchen sink. Here is the moral of the story for any buyer in any state:  GET A HOME INSPECTION! I always recommend one and I always leave it up to the buyer to decide if they can live with the "issues" especially in these "as-is" homes sold these days. Even if you think the home is "solid". Especially if it is a "newer" home. ...
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