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By Ken Wiseman
(America's Caribbean Realty)
I work in a rural property setting on the outskirts of Reno, NV.  I mostly sell horse property, country property and vacant land.  Our distance to the metro area is 30-45 minute drive, and most homes are on 10 acre parcels.  We often get "city" agents out here listing property at overpriced values.  They generally take on a 6 month listing and generally fill their brochure tube once.  The remainder of the time the tube sits empty, the wind knocks the sign over, or if they actually hammered the sign in, the sign will remain there, like a fossil engrained into the area that says, "I am Joe "City" Agent, I once listed a property out here that never sold."  On a side note it is funny how these same agents call me to show their buyers my listings or even how not one of them EVER shows up for...
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