Rancho San Rafael Townhomes (Reno, NV)
By Charlene Hamilton, Reno Relocation Real Estate
(Keller Williams Group One Reno)
The Great Reno Balloon Race 2015 hits town this weekend!  The skies above our Reno community will be filled with beautifully ornate hot air balloons all weekend long.  This is one event you absolutely will NOT want to miss!What: Great Reno Balloon Race 2015 Where: Rancho San Rafael Park (1595 N Sierra) When: September 11-13, 2015 5am to 10am Admission: FREE Contact: Great Reno Balloon Race emailWhat Happens at the Great Reno Balloon Race 2015?Did you ever release your helium-filled balloon as a kid?  Did you watch in wonder as it went up and up into the atmosphere?  The Great Balloon Race 2015 is like that...but on steroids!  The wonderment remains but the balloons have greatly improved.  These balloons aren't filled with helium, either.  Just good old plain hot air.  And lots of it!The...
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