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 CLOUDS AT ACTIVERAIN (clouds attached) ;o) I wrote a post about the Clouds Group I founded back in 2008 at the Active Rain network.I knew that I had taken a video along with this wonderful cloud reflection of Walker Lake in Nevada, so I wanted to share this video along with the photo.I have photographed hundreds of clouds over the years and taken many videos, but this video and photograph have to be by far my favorite. CLOUDS AT ACTIVERAIN (clouds attached)  This group is for photos of Clouds, Rainbows and any photos of the sky! I am always looking at the sky because I believe there is something out there that is very unexplainable! Clouds are very interesting because they can take on many different shapes and forms! Robert Swetz, Founder (Vegas Bob)    
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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
 Back in September 23 2008 Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob founded this Clouds Group at the ActiveRain network.And around 2009 to 2012 the group Clouds at ActiveRain (Clouds Attached) was very popular.The main reason I formed this group was because clouds are similar to snowflakes, there is never one that's alike and clouds are also forever changing as they pass across the sky.Whether I am showing homes and traveling I am always looking in the sky at the clouds, looking up is always more positive than looking down.Here is a old photo I took of Walker Lake located in Nevada, the color and clarity have faded a bit from all of the times this photo has been loaded and attached within the world wide web. CLOUDS AT ACTIVERAIN (clouds attached)  This group is for photos of Clouds, Rainbows and any ...
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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
  As everyone knows Vegas Bob spends quite a bit of time traveling, and why does he spend so much time traveling? Because it's what he likes to do and he can ... Of all these different places that VB travels, his favorite is where there are very few people. And why does VB like places where there very few people? Because he lives in a tourist city called Las Vegas and he gets to spend more than enough time with people. I wanted to leave several photos of a place that I really enjoy, because of lack of people and because we purchased some vacant land 4 years ago over looking Walker Lake. Walker Lake is about 4 hours north of Las Vegas Nevada and it is a very beautiful place ... "Good Night" Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz  9-29-2011     Walker Lake Nevada 2nd largest fresh water lake Robert (V...
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On my trip to the Redwoods last week I stopped by "Walker Lake" in Nevada only 15 miles north of Hawthorne.  When I saw the clouds reflecting on the very calm water like a mirror I just had to pull over to take some photographs, and a short one minute video. The scene was "Breath-Taking" and I posted a photo last week that received some wonderful comments, but I am afraid that this 60 second video is going to receive more attention ... ;o) Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz  9-20-2011 Walker Lake Water District – Arrighi, Rader ... - Videos By Vegas Bob www.videosbyvegasbob.com/?p=3199 5 hours ago – Carl Ferris – Vegas Bob's Favorite Sax Player by Robert Swetz 9-3-2011 ».Walker Lake Water District – Arrighi, Rader & Blake LLC – Robert ...   Videos By Vegas Bob www.videosbyvegasbob.com/ - Cached ...
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  After thinking about yesterday ... (9/11) ... VB just decided to jump in his car and head north. I quickly looked at the weather where I was headed and the temps are much cooler then Vegas but still quite comfortable. VB is in Reno right now but this afternoon I stopped for a little view of Walker Lake Nevada, about 4 hours north of Vegas. Pulled my fold-out chair from the trunk, grabbed my sandwich and some water and just chilled. VB is finally headed to northern California to camp in the Redwoods. After the 10th anniversary of 9/11 VB thought to himself "Life is Short" ... enjoy it while you can! The reason VB has free time is because many clients are waiting till around November/ December to pull the trigger on purchasing some homes, and the commercial end is a very slow right now...
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 Walker Lake view with lake access, property for sale. This property is approximately one acre with breathtaking 180 degree views of the lake.  Walker Lake is the 3rd largest lake in the state of Nevada. Lake Mead being off limits and even the views are rare, Lake Tahoe is so expensive that millionaires are shut out.  Walker Lake is stocked with trout and in a beautiful setting, similar to Lake Tahoe you can live on it and use it everyday in many ways.  Most of Walker Lake is controlled by the government so private shoreline is almost nonexistent and the mountains surrounded by the property are awe-inspiring!  Sales price for this property is $99,000 with possible terms. Please feel free to contact Robert at:  Direct: 702.443.7156  Email:  activerain.swetz@gmail.com Photograph taken by...
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