Brighton Beach (Brooklyn, NY)

By Laura Cerrano, Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher
(Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island)
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Brooklyn NY Feng Shui Consultations with Laura Cerrano Times for home and business consultations are typically 2-3 hours First: An on site interview is provided to help gain an understanding about the specific areas of your life you seek to enhance. This requires sharing information about key eve...

By Dan Shapiro
(Ditmas Estates LLC)
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Primorski-  282 Brighton Beach Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235  718-891-3111 In almost the center of Little Odessa ( a.k.a. Brighton Beach ) is Primorski. A nightclub, known for its copious buffets and flowing Vodka, but they are also open for lunch-or are they??? There was a ro...
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