Brighton Beach (Brooklyn, NY)
By Laura Cerrano, Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher
(Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island)
Brooklyn NY Feng Shui Consultations with Laura Cerrano Times for home and business consultations are typically 2-3 hours First: An on site interview is provided to help gain an understanding about the specific areas of your life you seek to enhance. This requires sharing information about key events of your past, which paved the way to your current life situations and understanding your future plans.  This allows insight into your main intentions for why you are having a Feng Shui consultation. Usually clients have 2-3 key areas in their life they wish to focus on during the consultation. Please keep in mind, what tends to happen during the Feng Shui process is development of awareness that other life sections need to simultaneously be discussed and addressed in order bring solutions to...
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By Dan Shapiro
(Ditmas Estates LLC)
Primorski-  282 Brighton Beach Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235  718-891-3111 In almost the center of Little Odessa ( a.k.a. Brighton Beach ) is Primorski. A nightclub, known for its copious buffets and flowing Vodka, but they are also open for lunch-or are they??? There was a roof leak and most of the bathrooms were flooded. We were the only patrons and none of us spoke Russian and our waitress spoke no English! Primorski advertises a $6 dollar three course, sit down hot lunch, with soup, salad, main course and coffee it is a real bargain. However, trying to resolve the complexities of their menu without speaking fluent Russian is not easy. It turns out there is a second prix fixe lunch at $ 12 and it is a true banquet. There is hot Georgian Borscht and a Lamb and Pota...
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