Brooklyn, NY Real Estate News

By Marc Blasi
 Hello everyone-A lot of us on ActiveRain have wirtten posts about where we live now, this one is about where I'm from - and will probably go back to!This was sent to me today by some old friends from NY.  Now, I'm from Far Rockaway, so I do take a bit of offense to number 56, but hey, fuggedabboudit!Do these ring a bell withanyone out there?If you ain't from Brooklyn , just forget this; you wouldn't understand.  You're truly from Brooklyn if you can relate to any of the following:1. Alternate side of the street parking.2. Ate at Kishke King (10 inch hot dogs).3. Ate dinner every Sunday night at Lee's Chinese Restaurant (or a reasonable facsimile).4. Ate Italian food at (fill in your choice).5. Bought bobka at the original Ebinger's. 6. Bought Ebinger's Black-Out Cake (and didn't count ...
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