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By Chip Hodgkins
(Coldwell Banker)
Steps to Expect When Selling Your HouseSelling your home is not on anyone's top 10 list of fun things to do. It's time to sell, so here is a simple game plan of what you can expect during the process. First time sellers, listen up, because now it's your time to find the buyer! First and foremost, figure out if you want to sell your home on your own or with an agent. The vast majority of people choose to sell their home with an agent, which is statistically wiser. Fewer financial results and smaller sales are produced from homeowners selling their own homes. How can this be? The simple fact is that the sale of your home depends upon what a buyer is willing to pay. If you cannot attract the right buyer, or negotiate the proper deal, then you're stuck behind the eight ball. And remember -...
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