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By Charles G. Hennebeul
Well here is a question...which do you like better...KFC or my website (http://www/mybuildingfunds.com)?Well I am in such a good mood right now because I am going to order a supasize bucket of KFC.  I've been working out and don't mind any protein from KFC. I am rewarding myself for updating the website.  It will have more and more info on it as time passes.Hey, how come down in Louisiana they served me corn on the cob and corn dogs but up here in NY they don't serve these two items?  That's like eating an english muffin without butter!Well, here is my vote---I love KFC more thanmy website.  Mmmmm. extra crispy.  So check out my website and keep in mind you can do both, apply for a commercial loan and eat KFC!!!Charles G. HennebeulAmerican Cash Solutions Inc.http://www.mybuildingfunds.com
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We do not do payday loans or cash checks.  We get calls like this from consumers.  However for small businesses who do not have payroll checks but do have accounts receivables that are business to business receivables read this: As another service  to our small business customers we can arrange Accounts Receivable Financing.  The secret is out....many small businesses are using A/R financing because they understand that the cost of not using A/R financing is great because OPPORTUNITY COST is being lost by you the business owner.  I've seen this over and over-where business owners fail to restructure financing that can lead to more cash that can be used to make your business MONEY!  CFOs of small businesses are using A/R financing on a monthly basis.  Why?  They know the consequences of ...
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