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By Kim Tavares, e-PRO - Long Island, NY
(Legend Residential Sales LLC)
> Country Pointe Townhouse (Melville, NY) 3 Bedroom 3.5 Baths Full finished basement 565,000 Call Kim today and Get MOVING! Kim Tavares, Coach Realtors, 631-499-1000 ext.231 or 631-492-7060 cell> Kim Tavares's Profile | Create Your Badge
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By Charles G. Hennebeul
Holy Moly Guacomole!  Gosh Gee!  OMG!  Well there is a lawyer's office in a big office building that I use for closings.  I decided to find out at the town what the property taxes are for this big building and it is $300,000!!  Did that get your attention?  Of course this is no problem for the owner of this building because the rents cover this.  I'm not sure how much the building is worth but imagine if the building was shut down for a year due to some health/safety/fire concerns and the owner was leveraged like a day trader on steroids.  So be aware that your rents can be compromised and consult with a commercial insurance agent.Here's another example.  Property taxes of $166,400.oo per year or $6.40 PSF(per square feet).  I sure hope those square feet aren't to ticklish(couldn't help...
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