Centre Island (Oyster Bay, NY)
By Rosalinda Morgan, "The Rose Lady"
Who is John Barry?  Have you seen any of the James Bond movies?  Few days ago, on Jan. 31 at 8:23 PM to be exact, I got an email from the Executive Director of Oyster Bay Historical Society of which I was the Past Treasurer and currently serving on its Board.  The email was addressed to OBHS Staff and Trustees.  The email stated that Composer John Barry of Centre Island, NY died Sunday.   I kept wondering what had John Barry got to do with the Oyster Bay Historical Society.  I never knew the guy and I don't remember him being a part of the Oyster Bay Historical Society.  Then the next day, the New York Times ran a two-column obituary of John Barry. Apparently he was very famous.  I never knew it.  Three local papers carried the big news.  Then today, my husband said there was an old int...
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