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By David Bailey and Erika Bailey, "Creating Clients for Life" Cell # 631-589 3600
(The Mortgage Outlet NMLS # 36861)
The Mortgage Outlet  has noticed that many first time home buyers come to us confused by the various first time home buyer programs availble in Sound Beach New York that are available to them for financing their first home.  This is due to the multiple changes that the Federal Government has made to the mortgage industry making it harder and more confusing then every.  Hopefully our short video will show some of the new programs that might be available to help you get your dream home in Sound Beach New York.   We look forward to answering any questions you might have, you can reach me directly on my cell at 631 767 8948 or at the office at 631 589 3600.  
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By Laura Cerrano, Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher
(Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island)
  Sound Beach Long Island NY Home Improves their Kitchen with Feng Shui Changes  This is a past client's kitchen from Sound Beach Long Island NY. Before any changes where made, her kitchen lacked a few of the Feng Shui Principles.  Laura Cerrano Feng Shui Long Island consultant suggested a few simple inexpensive changes. Can you guess what changed?......   My mother and I used the Bauga Method of Feng Shui to layout the space of her Kitchen.  From any entrance when walking into a room, the wall you see straight ahead is known as the Fame Wall.  The fame wall for our Sound Beach NY Client was her window.  To accent the area of Fame she used the color red and actually made the small red curtain that you see in the photo, very creative! The color red also accents the Feng Shui Element of F...
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