Tappan Zee Bridge (South Nyack, NY)
By Vanessa Saunders, Real Estate | Done Differently
(Global Property Systems Real Estate)
As the proposed new Tappan Zee Bridge which spans the Hudson river between Rockland, NY to Westchester, NY reaches the final stretch before construction starts, some South Nyack residents are facing the fact that their homes may be snatched by the state of NY by Eminent Domain. Others may have temporary easements issued, allowing construction to go forward but would have their property returned when the project is completed. AOver six acres of South Nyack will be swolled up by the proposed new approaches, loosing tax dollars for the village in the process. Current owners will be compensated for the loss of their property at "The fair market value" aas determined by state officials. For residents objecting to both the project or wishing to dispute the value placed on their property there...
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