Wittenberg (Woodstock, NY)
By Marcia Weiss
(Westwood Metes & Bounds Realty)
Continuing with my discussion or ranting about Spring.  It's definitely here.  All the land surrounding my house on the mountain have been a sea of daffodils for the past week or so.  So, it's definitely here.  Along with the daffodils came a sudden pop of leaves on the trees, that sudden burst of Spring Green!  It's still a little on the chilly side.  I reluctantly have kept my heat on in the evening . . .  Living in the country, you resist turning your heat on once it's Spring!!  So now that it's officially here so are all the rituals of spring. My least favorite - Cleaning the yard.  It's always amazing what manages to pop out of the ground once the snow finally disappears.  Yes, I know it didn't actually pop out of the ground but it did suddenly appear.  The sneakers my son couldn't...
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