Harbour Light (North Royalton, OH)
By Michelle Stanifer, Cleveland Area Realtor
(Russell Real Estate Services)
Mainenance free means never having to shovel snow!  Condo season begins this week.   There are many advantages to owning a condominium.  They make great first homes and are an excellent alternative to renting.  Condo owners enjoy many of the worry free features of renting, such as little or no maintenance, no shoveling snow, yard work or upkeep.  Yes, things still need to be maintained, but your association dues go to a pool that pays for this upkeep. If you travel frequently for work or pleasure, condos are easier to just lock up and go.  In a condo, it is difficult to tell who is home and who is not.  Neighbors come and go and criminals are less likely to target a condominium complex.  Many condominiums offer security and surveillance cameras. Many condominiums also offer amenities t...
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