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A few years ago the real estate market was advantageous for sellers when they could dictate terms and buyers were put at disadvantage. They had to decide quickly about properties: to buy or not to buy. In some states the mad haste about purchasing houses resulted in the situations when properties were sold even before the got into MLS listings. If you were selling house by owner, it couldn’t have been better. At present the condition has changed. Today the situation in the real estate market has smiled to buyers. Some ‘professionals’ may say that it is the result of high interest rates, low demand and things like that, but in fact that’s the law of life – everything goes in cycle. For the next several years, buyers will have some advantage. But after that time, sellers will come back as...
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By Becky Schertenleib, Nan Wimmers, "sisters by chance, partners by choice"
(Columbia Gorge Real Estate)
  By: Gary Hackett, Plant Manager  Phase One   - 76 Vestas V-82 Turbines , Operating Since December, 2007  You may have noticed that a few of our turbines have not been operating lately. In an effort to increase unit availability, our equipment vendor has added extra staff and resources  to return all units to full service ASAP.      Phase Two Construction Underway PGE has selected the Balance of Plant Contractor for Biglow Canyon Phase 2 and 3 and it is D. H. Blattner and Sons, who also performed our Phase 1 work.  They will be using Rosinden as the primary electrical contractor for installation of the underground collection system.   Road construction will start on Monday, July 28th with a D-9 and D-8 coming in to start cutting roads through fallow land south of Emigrant Springs Land,...
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