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By Dick Greenberg, Northern Colorado Residential Real Estate
(New Paradigm Partners LLC)
I swear this is the truth. It was February 2, 1975 and I was managing a regional planning and development commission in rural Pennsylvania. We covered a six-county area that included Punxsutawney, so we thought it would be fun if everyone in the office attended Groundhog Day. Most of the 15 of us who were going stayed up the night before, playing a vicious Monopoly tournament (that's the kind of stuff we did for fun back then, before anything was invented). At about 4 am, we started the 90 minute drive down - it was bitterly cold, a bit below zero, and there was fresh snow on the ground. We got to Gobbler's Knob well before the sun came up, and at that time, Gobbler's Knob was somewhere outside of town, a large clearing about a quarter mile walk into the woods from the field where every...
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