Anawan Cliffs (Narragansett, RI)
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Anawan Cliffs - Narragansett RI's Gem of a Waterfront Neighborhood-02882.  Anawan Cliffs is an exclusive waterfront and luxury home neighborhood in northern Narragansett RI.  Now talk about breathtaking views from waterfront homes and this is the neighborhood that exemplifies it...from viewing Beavertail Lighthouse across Narragansett Bay on the island of Jamestown to the Atlantic Ocean opening to this wonderful bay... it is truly unique.  Although it was a gated  Narragansett waterfront neighborhood at one time, the gates just remain as a truly symbolic gesture of years ago.  Established from farmland that was bought by a group of people in the 1940's to make a private neighborhood and that is what they did.  Of the 56 lots that were original to this waterfront community only 2 remain ...
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