College Hill (Providence, RI)
By Dan Hartman
(Province Mortgage Associates - NMLS #2861)
I got out of the house early this morning to visit my poling place, and the office of Exit Realty Firm right next door, only to find out that my poling place had moved!  The fire station at the corner of Branch Ave. and North Main St. was clearly not open for business as a voting location. Fortunately, one of the candidate's teams had left a door hanger at my home informing me of the new location.  So for everyone out there who used to vote at the firehouse on North Main, please make a note that our location for today's vote is at the Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School located at 35 Camp St.  View Larger MapNow get out there and voice your opinion!  It's not that often that tiny Rhode Island has any impact whatsoever on presidential races, but we can today!
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