Mount Hope (Providence, RI)
By Dan Hartman
(Province Mortgage Associates - NMLS #2861)
Welcome to a new series of posts regarding some of the more interesting spots in Providence.  Today, I decided to start with a place near my home to which I've walked several times.  I passed by today, only to learn that I had mis-remembered the hours, so I thought it made sense to share that, and more with you.  The East Side Prescription Center is a pharmacy located in the Mount Hope neigborhood on the East Side of Providence.  One of the city's few independant pharmacies, and the only one on the East Side, it is a welcome respite from the corporate pharmacy chains that dominate that industry.  The small store has a relatively wide selection of the kind of products you'd expect a pharmacy to have: over the counter medication, first aid supplies, spiral bound notebooks, and Chef Boyard...
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