Oakwood Estates (Fairview, TX)
By Tammy Pearce, Tammy Pearce
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Fairview Texas Market Report - Oakwood Estates - Jan. 1 - June 27 RESALE Luxury homes that sold in The Oakwood Estates luxury community in Fairview Texas Jan. 1-June 27 are showing that buyers need to come prepared to make the deal.  With the exception of one property, these homes sold within a week of the listing date.  One home even sold the day it was listed! SOLD IN OAKWOOD ESTATES as of June 27, 2011:   Why is this luxury community in such hot demand?  1.  Each home features at least 1 acre homesite 2.  Unique styles, designs, and floorplans set the home apart 3.  Lovejoy Independent School District is Exemplary in every way 4.  Mature trees, antique lampposts, and cobblestone accent the drives through the community 5.  Easy access to McKinney Airport for executive travel, the Nort...
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  Selling a home is a big deal. You naturally want to get the most money you can considering that it's one of the biggest investments you'll ever make. You also want it to sell quickly. Quick sales and high asking prices often do not go hand in hand, which leaves sellers with a few questions. If you remodel and turn your home into the absolute perfect house, can you get more for it while helping the house sell faster?   While it's a nice thought and it would seem to be a logical one, it actually doesn't work that way. You will never recoup the funds that it takes to remodel. A complete remodeling job on a three bedroom home can be as much as $40,000 for average remodeling work. You will not be able to add on that much to the asking price and expect to see any offers.   Of course, there ...
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