Casa Del Mar Condos (Galveston, TX)
By Jason Keeling
(Ryson Real Estate)
Casa Del Mar condos have been a staple diet for Galveston visitors and buyers alike for over 20 years. The adored condo complex sits right on the beach at 61st and Seawall. The old cedar siding has been recently replaced with new siding and all of the balconies have been replaced. This was all courtesy of a 20,000 per unit assessment which has just been paid in full for most all owners. The units have dipped in price from a high of about 70k-130k to 50k-120k. The price depends on the floor and proximity to the beach. These low prices will land you a unit that can rent for between 6,000/yr and 12,000/yr. Ryson Real Estate currently has 4 units at casa del mar and all units have rented well. Next time your in town don't miss Casa Del Mar condos Galveston!  
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