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By Mike Young, FHA 203k Consultant 916-758-1809
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FHA 203k procedure  The chart to the right is very simplified but we will fill it in a bit as we go forward. A home buyer may enter the chart at any point, their landlord may come to them one day and ask if they want to buy the home... but then they would go back to "square one" and contact a lender to see what amount they might qualify. In reality we might suggest contacting a consultant first and we could help you find a lender that knows the business but more importantly fits the needs of our client best. We will find out what is more important to that client then go from there. Under normal circumstance you might meet with a Realtor then be redirected back to get a "pre-qual" letter which is typically presented with the offer to show that the borrower has started that process. Meet ...
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By Own Realty Group
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Find homes in your area available to rent to own: You don't need perfect credit  You don't need a loan to move-in  You will have the option to own How it Works We find homes in your area available to rent to own and email a list of prospective homes and schedule appointments to view the homes you select. Once you have selected a home we negotiate the terms of the lease and option to buy (rent to own).  You can move in within days of signing the lease and paying the required fees.   Don't throw away money Why rent an apartment when you can rent a home AND have the option to own?  For the cost of what you're paying for rent, you can apply some of the money from those payments towards the home purchase.
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