Village In The Woods (San Antonio, TX)
By Matt Stigliano
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photo courtesy of Lodian You may have read my previous post about "Using Twitter To Your Advantage When Writing Blogs" - this is the story mentioned in that post.  The photo above is (obviously) not of Mainland Road in San Antonio or what it will look like, but I haven't been able to grab a few shots since I first saw the construction, so please just close your eyes and imagine that it looks just like it. Driving home. The other day as I was driving home through Village In The Woods, I noticed some large construction vehicles, a camera man, and what I thought was District 7 Councilman Justin Rodriguez on the corner of Mainland Road and Olde Village.  It looked like Councilman Rodriguez (I later confirmed it was him) was making a speech about something and there were workers busy tearin...
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