Colony Woods (Sugar Land, TX)
By Shayne Stone, "Your Rock Solid Choice Realtor" RETIRED
As we celebrate Black History Month, we honor and recognize the past and present experiences of Black Americans. A significant part of this experience is investing in a home of their own. While equitable access to housing has come a long way, the path to homeownership is still steeper for households of color. Its an important experience to talk about, along with how working with the right real estate experts can make all the difference for diverse homebuyers.We know its a more challenging journey to achieve homeownership for some because there's still a measurable gap between the overall average U.S. homeownership rate and that of non-white groups. Today, the lowest homeownership rate persists in the Black community (see graph below):Homeownership is an essential piece for building hous...
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By Shayne Stone, "Your Rock Solid Choice Realtor" RETIRED
Growing and tending a garden through the spring and summer can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding of human experiences. The harvest in the early fall is simply sublime. But cleaning all that mess up? It’s much less poetry-worthy. Even so, there’s a certain art to putting the vegetable garden to bed, one that can increase your yields year after year once you’ve mastered it.Compost, Mulch, and Cover Crops The end of the gardening season is never pretty. Dried up plants, often broken or bent, are scattered across a once-fertile landscape in an almost post-apocalyptic scenario. It’s dark, it’s brown, it’s all kinds of heart-wrenching to know you’ve reached the end of the life cycle of your garden. But take heart! What you’re seeing is just another part of the cycle, the beginning o...
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By Zoe Kaiser
(Hurley Group - Keller Williams)
       Here we are again with another quarterly market report on Colony Woods. So far, 3 homes have been sold this year in Colony Woods.  Among those 3 homes,  The Highest Selling price of any home was only $671,000. The Lowest Selling price of any home was $489,900. The Highest Price per sq. ft. was $137.70. The Lowest Price per sq. ft. was $113.90.     With beautiful back-yard pools available, this neighborhood will keep you cool for the rest of the summer.   Created by The Hurley Group. Sugar Land, Tx Where Life is Sweet   
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