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By Mark Watterson, Utah Real Estate
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We need Positive Price Action to confirm market bottom.  One month of price improve isn't sufficient to confirm the market bottom.  We need to see appreciation month over month for three months. PRICE ACTION   Other good signs in addition to positive price action is lower DOM (days of the market)...

By Gerald Richards
(Team One - The Franklin Group)
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There are as of 1 October 2008, 65 active homes on the market with another 24 homes under contract for a total of 89.  By calculating what percentage of the total the 24 homes under contract are you know if Centerville is a buyers or a sellers market. 24 divided by 89 = 35%. If the % is under 25 ...

By Alan Barker
(Boomerang Leads)
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Centerville has about 85 residentlial listings on the market. For the first half of 2008 there was an average of 11 listings sold each month in Centerville. These active listings have a median price at $307,000 and an average list price of $378,446. Of the 65 listings that sold during the first h...

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