Fairlington Villages (Alexandria, VA)
By Dan Rochon, Top Realtor in Northern Virginia
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History of Fairlington: In the 18th century, much of what is now Fairlington belonged to Colonel John Carlyle, a prominent Alexandria citizen and owner of the celebrated Carlyle House. Around 1700, this friend of George Washington established a plantation and built on it a large white house, Morven, located at the end of what is now South 31st Street, north of King Street. In 1774 George Washington purchased land that included a small parcel in Fairlington near Abingdon School and South 28th Street. All of Fairlington north of South Columbus Street lies within the original diamond set-aside for the seat of the federal government authorized in the 1788 ratification of the Constitution. One of the surviving boundary stones is near the intersection of King Street and South Wakefield Street...
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By Cindy Jones, Pentagon, Fort Belvoir & Quantico Real Estate News
(Integrity Real Estate Group)
In a way you hate to give up the "secret" of your favorite little places to sneak off for lunch or a sweet treat.  On the other hand you want others to realize that you don't have to spend a fortunate at one of the mega chain coffee stores or settle for fast food when in the same area is a great little deli and pastry shop that will satisfy your hunger with real food. In this case the little secret spot is the Alexandria Pasty Shop and Deli in the Bradley Shopping Center on King Street.  Since I own a townhouse in the Fairlington Community just across the street it is one of the first places I tell potential tenants about and a spot where I met prospective buyers before we tour the close by neighborhoods.The pastry shop isn't new.  In fact it has been around for 20 years but the locatio...
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By Cindy Jones, Pentagon, Fort Belvoir & Quantico Real Estate News
(Integrity Real Estate Group)
The following sales for March 1 to March 31 were compiled from the MRIS.  Sales continue to be brisk in all of Fairlington.  Currently for April there are 25 active units for sale and another 30 units under contract.  MLS Number Original List Final List Sales Price Subsidy AR6308720   $259,000 $249,000   AX6246830   $389,000 $360,000   AR6316216   $379,900 $377,500 $5,000 AX6222687 $425,000 $399,900 $391,500   AR6304733   $399,000 $392,500   AX6276827   $399,900 $399,000 $11,500 AR6251889 $412,900 $407,900 $400,000 $2,000 AR6309288   $409,900 $400,000   AR6291979 $425,000 $410,000 $405,000   AR6247097 $429,000 $419,500 $410,000   AR6322347   $419,900 $419,900 $4,800 AR6296247   $419,900 $419,900   AR6316172   $450,000 $427,000   AX6293545 $479,900 $455,000 $442,500 $7,905 AR6321448   $4...
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