North Camellia Acres (Norfolk, VA)
By Sharon Kinnaird
(Wainwright Real Estate)
I want to start by saying I LOVE MY NEIGHBORHOOD! I am fortunate to live in the neighborhood for the last 11 years where I was raised. I have fond memories of just going outside to play in my neighborhood, that's what we did back then. As a child I was safe in my little cocoon of a neighborhood, riding my bike, skating with those old metal skates that you needed a skate key to adjust them to fit, that's right a skate key. North Camellia Acres is a older little area in Norfolk very middle class built in the fifties, but oh what a little jewel. My house is on a small subsidiary of the Chesapeake Bay, like many of the streets in this neighborhood. I spent most of my life on this water. My parents lived here on the water as well as my grandparents when they were alive. We fished & crabbed w...
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