Poplar Ridge (Palmyra, VA)
By Robert The Earl of Real Estate, The Earl of Real Estate
(St Pete LUXE Living Group)
The Fluvanna Review stated that I was "the only citizen to speak who did not oppose the development." I would say that this is a correct statement.  I would also point out that I never stated that I was in favor of the development. Rather, I had some questions that I wanted to direct to the Board of Supervisors regarding the principles that were in play regarding this developments approval.  From the first time that I have been involved with anything regarding Fluvanna, my intention has been to ensure that Fluvanna is placed in the best light possible in order to attract the activity that we desire in the county so that we can properly fund the services that we desire for our citizens and children.  To be positive about Fluvanna.  Frankly, the message out of Fluvanna over the past years...
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