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Martinsville ended up being a day late and a dollar short for some of NASCAR's Sprint Cup drivers.  Since yesterday's race was rained out, the drivers were able to race under cloudy but dry skies today.  I had to work but was only able to fend off my curiosity for the first half of the race.  I was listening to the live broadcast when the excitement got to be just too much.  Off went the computer and on went the TV.  I'm glad I decided to watch, too. Jeff Gordon (#24) seemed to be doing well towards the beginning of the race, leading over 70 laps.  But Virginia's own Denny Hamlin (#11) was definitely dominating this one.  Jeff Burton (#31) gave Denny a run for his money for quite a while, but got caught up in the tire trouble that hit many drivers in today's race.  After Jeff Burton's c...
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