Priest Point (Olympia, WA)
I just got back from a very fun morning walk with my little dog, at Priest Point Park. This is a real favorite of the Olympia locals, as it is just minutes out of downtown Olympia- easy to walk, bike or drive to. It is set on the muddy tidelands of Budd Bay and there are lots of trails to get down to the water and eel grass and oysters and birds. And because it is a tidelands that reach to some cliffs, every time you visit, you see something new- like big tree trunks scoured by the saltwater and sand!  The Pacific Northwest is, of course, known for the rain- constant dripping moisture that keeps our slugs fat & happy, and the hillsides green. But today was actually pretty dry, just a bit misty. Perfect for a walk. One of my favorite things to do as a child was to turn over things on the...
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