Marymoor (Redmond, WA)
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Southeast Redmond Neighborhood Homes in Redmond WA Find Homes for sale in Southeast Redmond Neighborhood in Redmond WA.  The Southeast Redmond neighborhood, as indicated by its name, is the southeast corner of Redmond. The neighborhood is bounded generally on the west by Marymoor Park and the terminus of SR 520, on the south and east by the City limit, and on the north by Evans Creek and Bear Creek. With features such as gateways and places that celebrate the neighborhood, Southeast Redmond has maintained a strong sense of identity and inclusiveness. The neighborhood is vibrant and provides a variety of choices for living, working, shopping and more. Southeast Redmond has attracted a variety of new employers and is economically significant and at the same time is strongly connected to ...
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By ARDELL DellaLoggia
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Not due until December, but according to the's another girl! Peter and Jacquie went to the doctor again and the ultrasound said "It's a Girl!". That will give me three daughters and two grand daughters. Looks like the only way I'm getting boys is through marriage.  I have a stepson from my first marriage and son "in-laws".  But the births of me and mine are still running...all girls. My Mom had 5 girls and two boys.  Are there any statistics for balance?  Will men end up with 2-3 wives each if people keep having more girl babies than boy babies? Something to think about...:) I'm posting this under Redmond.  The baby will be born at Evergreen in Kirkland, but Peter and Jacquie set up their home in Redmond.  So I guess it's a Redmond WA baby. 
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