Llandover By The Sound (Seattle, WA)
By Sam DeBord, Seattle Real Estate Broker
(SeattleHome.com -Coldwell Banker Danforth)
Llandover-by-the-Sound is the kind of place you could drive by every day and never know it.  This pocket of homes on the Northwest corner of Seattle is difficult to find, even for a local Seattle resident.  It may be technically in Broadview, but it's a very different enclave. Just at Seattle's northern limit, next to the Seattle Golf Club, a city park called Llandover Woods marks the Eastern end of this neighborhood--but you can only get in on foot from here.  Take a drive South a few blocks and then West a few more (I could give you better directions, but that would take away the fun of the search).  You'll reach a narrow, wooded road heading North.  It doesn't look like the right road, but it is.  As you wind down into Llandover, you'll catch glimpses of homes on expansive lots - mos...
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