Safeco Field (Seattle, WA)
By Kelan Robert Stewart, Following in the Footsteps of My Father
(ActiveRain (Intern))
Dad made me write this post so he could use it as an example in his video about how to create a community sponsorship. So here goes: I've never been quite so excited in my young life as the first time I saw the Mariner Moose. I love that stinking Moose......from a distance, or at least that was my first experience. Seeing the Moose riding the four wheeler across Safeco field was pretty cool. Having the Moose up in my face, not so much. I've been to about 15 Mariner games with Dad now, so I'm alright with the Moose up close now, but I promise you, I wasn't cool with him the first time we met. In fact, I was petrified. That stinking Moose is scary up close the first time you meet him. I mean come on, look at that face......that's something only a mother could love. Huge snout, big pointy ...
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