Squire Park (Seattle, WA)
By Dararith Marith
(Coldwell Banker Bain)
  The past year or so I have been working closely with Robert Humble, Architect and principle founder of Robert Humble Architects and Hybrid-Seattle, and David Williams, local investor and principle owner of 11th Avenue Inn Bed & Breakfast, to offer a refreshing town home design concept to compliment the changing times and the progressive needs of urban dwelling.  Remington Court Town Home is a 4 unit modern town home project located in Seattle's Squire Park neighborhood on an urban infill lot. The property had an old "tear down" single family home on it, and like many of Seattle's parcels, was up-zoned throughout the years to accommodate higher density close to the city's core. Remington Court Town Homes are located within walking distance to Seattle University and minutes to Downtown...
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By Ryan Rose
(Department of Search)
Squire Park Seattle Real Estate Squire Park Seattle Homes There are 840 single-family homes in Squire Park Seattle. The average year these homes were built is 1924. The average size of a home in Squire Park Seattle is 1,986 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. There are 281 single-story homes in Squire Park. Additionally, there are 217 homes that are one and a half stories, 275 two-story homes, and 26 homes that are two and a half stories or taller. There are 619 single family homes in Squire Park Seattle with basements. The average size of these basements is 733 square feet. There are 74 homes in Squire Park Seattle with garages. The average size of a garage in Squire Park is 276 square feet. The average length of ownership of a home in Squire Park Seattle is 6.7 years. T...
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