Old Town Tacoma (Tacoma, WA)
By Rene Fabre, Practicing Philosophical Eclectic of the Arts
(ARFCO Media)
I fell in love with this great big beautiful colonial home the moment I saw her! One of the things I really love about my job is taking time to go to open houses. A while back I was with two of my good Pierce County friends and coworkers, Kim Schildt and Leslie Shea. We were headed across town and swung by to visit.  Something that's important to me about the title business isn't just the research, chain of title, a stack of papers, the closing, and a policy. It's the fiduciary commitment we make to protect the homeowner's dream. I love the tactile physical aspect of it by seeing the home firsthand. It reminds me it's a home with people and it keeps me grounded as to the 'why' I do what I do.  The owner, as I understand it, originally purchased it about 20 years ago when it was in a sta...
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By Rene Fabre, Practicing Philosophical Eclectic of the Arts
(ARFCO Media)
I attended the CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) meeting in Tacoma, WA this past week. A great luncheon event at the Hotel Murano in downtown Tacoma. Oregon-based McMenamins is bringing their unique business model of restoring historic buildings in the Pacific Northwest like the 100 year old Elks Hall in old downtown Tacoma into a brewery, 45 guestrooms, a space for live music, three restaurants, and a ballroom. George Signorie, Senior Associate at Ankrom Moisan Architects in Portland gave a great (and quite funny) presentation about the makeover. George has been working with the McMenamins for about 10 years now helping them to breath new life into mostly dormant urban neighborhoods  through renovation and re-imaging landmarks. Tacoma, the City of Destiny since 1873 when it became th...
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By Iriana Shiyan, Atazum Seattle Real Estate Photography
(Artazum, LLC)
Because of my Photography blogs, I started getting more Photo jobs. I really enjoy tacking photos for others agents listings. The last week I got a call from a top producer in our town and he ask me to take photos of this an absolutely beautiful home. It is located in Old Town of Tacoma. Homes like this one you can see on the pages of magazines. So, I was thinking about all this homes that were published. Did you ever sold a home that was published in magazine before & how did you use it in your marketing? I asked the listings agent permission to write about it and post some photos. The MLS #28105938.
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