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The Waukesha County Real Estate market has lots of history. On Maple avenue in the City of Waukesha sits the remnants of the Fox Head brewery, and people are pulling together to save the building. The City of Waukesha is famous for it's water. The water was bottled by the Whiterock beverage company and the Whiterock beverage company was renowned for it. Of course it also bottled soda, and other soda companies followed suite as well in Waukesha such as Bon Ton and Roxo. Interesting trivia is the original concept of Santa Claus in that suit was not a credit to Coca-Cola but the honor belongs to The Whiterock Beverage company. For more history on this and trivia see the following link: White Rock Beverages  .This famous water from Waukesha was a key slogan in the promotion of the Fox Head ...
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