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By Dorie Dillard Austin TX, NW Austin ~ Canyon Creek and Spicewood/Balcones
(Coldwell Banker Realty ~ 512.750.6899)
We played phone tag but we finally were able to visit! I’ve always enjoyed Joanna Cohlan and was so fortunate she and her husband George came to Austin several years ago. We met for lunch at North Italia at the Domain. Unfortunately they didn’t get to meet my Geno as he was not doing well when they were in Austin.Joanne is a fun loving, very creative gal that I so enjoyed getting to know better. I always loved her posts in Active Rain but life ended up getting in the way and she doesn’t post here anymore (I sure wish she would). If you followed her you know she is a traveler and always finding places to explore and meet new interesting people. Her blog Fresh Eyes for Your Home is sensational! She demonstrates over and over what an ingenious Interior Designer, decorator and home stager s...
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By Myrl Jeffcoat, Greater Sacramento Realtor - Retired
  Shortly after first becoming a licensed Realtor in 1981, I knew I was fortunate I had wisely chosen my first office, and Pat Meredith was there. Pat was instrumental in taking me under her wing from the moment I walked into that little Century 21 office we shared.  She quietly guided me over to a file cabinet while helping assemble Buyer and Seller packages of documents needed.  She acted as my mentor. Not only was Pat a great Realtor, she also was a tax professional.  I often watched as Pat’s young clients came to her, hoping to buy homes.  Many were a tad shy on qualifying, but she would sit with them, and plan financially for a time when they would be able to do so.  Pat never charged for this service, but because of it, many returned to her downwind, ultimately able to buy their f...
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By Jeffrey Richman, Creative Real Estate Specialist
(Immediate Home Solutions)
Hi Everybody,Tomorrow at 2 is our weekly Zoom Call.  That's 2pm (EST) and you can go HERE.  Our guest speaker this week is going to be George Souto of Allied Mortgage.He comes to us with much experience and we thank him in advance for enlightening us.He will be speaking to us about how the market (mortgages) is being impacted by the virus that's running rampant in this country.He's also going to going over the current state of Conforming Loans, First Time Homebuyers and much more.This is a call that you want to be on.Thank you George Souto for doing this! 
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By Wayne Zuhl, The Last Name You'll Ever Need in Real Estate
(Remax First Realty II)
Peanut does not like the rain. I've seen her wait 14, 15, even 16 hours to go in the yard if it's raining out. Even a little drizzling dissuades her from stepping foot outside, and today's nonstop deluge is definitely enough to keep her sleeping on the couch.But the sound of the leash? Oh, for that she'll bounce off the couch and wag her entire body for an opportunity to go for a w-a-l-k (we never say the word out loud). For the right motivation (a w-a-l-k), she'll do ANYthing!I feel the same way about blogging. I like it, I see the business benefit from it, but I'd rather sleep on the couch. But, when the right motivation hits, I'm all in. The trick is, I don't seem to be able to tap into the right motivation these days. Which explains, for you regular readers, why this blog only appea...
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By Patricia Feager, MBA, CRS, GRI,MRP, Selling Homes Changing Lives
 Sunset in Flower Mound, Texas on Wednesday, 1/25/2017    by ©Patricia Feager, 1/25/2017 I believe the sun is the crowned jewel in the universe and the sky is the limits! The sun closes the day for us and what follows next are the night eyes sparkling down like diamonds on earth. Darkness is only temporary. It gives our eyes and our body a rest. Tomorrow is a new dawn; another day.  The setting sun is a fireball of energy that blasts the sky open with splashes of vibrant colors so strong it pushes the clouds away! There's a soulfulness about it that I can't explain. Isn't it amazing how quickly tensions disappear just like the dark clouds when there is no rain? Is it golden splendor or solar splendor? I can't decide. I'm enjoying the solitude, the beauty of the evening sky.  I can't ima...
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By Patricia Feager, MBA, CRS, GRI,MRP, Selling Homes Changing Lives
©Reflections by Patricia Feager, 1/29/2017 January 29th is always a day of reflection for me. These are the lessons I've learned in life that shaped me into the person I am today.  The road less traveled always gives me more than I asked. It gives me courage and strength. Hope is our future. Life is worth living without regrets. This is a photo of my last big hike at Glacier National Park in October 2016 at Logan's Pass. It will not be my last. This photo depicts all the roads I've traveled. I've traveled the high road, the low road, treacherous ones, scary ones, wide roads and narrow, some were lit and others kept me in the dark, there were bumpy roads, and roads I felt I was going to fall off a cliff but I kept going. I always remembered what a stranger, a man from India, whose only p...
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By John Wiley, Lee County, FL, ECO Broker, GRI, SRES,GREEN,PSA
It is so important to keep up to date on the Real Estate Market. Here is a look at the Lee County Florida Real Estate Market.In December we saw a drop in home sales in Lee County. Single Family homes Closed in December 2015 was down 2.8% from December 2014.In the same time period the Median Sale Price rose from $190,000 to $231,000 an increase of 21.6%. The Months Supply of Inventory dropped 13.5% to 4.5 months.The Median Days On Market decreased by 11.8%, now 30 days.When we look at Closed Sales by Price Point for November 2015 we get a better understanding of what fueled the above data.Less than $50,000   -60.7%$50,000-$99,999      -47.4%$100,000-$149,999  -34.3%These figures have such a sharp decline because there was heavy buying in these Price Points and now there are few propertie...
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By Carolyn Roland-Historic Homes For Sale In Delaware and S. Chester County PA, Carolyn Roland, GRI, CRS
(Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate)
Although a Penn grant for the area dates back to 1706, and native inhabitants were here from the Seventh Century, the Borough of Avondale was not chartered until 1894. Many people pass through the town as they are headed from the Port of Wilmington to Lancaster County, but few stop to look at the historic properties as we did the other day. Here are just a few, starting out with an old stone mill built in 1906 on the site of an earlier mill. It is being creatively re-used by the Edlon company for an engineering office (1) and one of the engineers (2) explains about a Teflon product is produced in the building next door as an adhesive for products such as HDF (high density fibreboard). Then we see 2 views of a building dating back to the 18th century, once housing the Bachelor's Club (3...
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By Sharon Tara, Retired New Hampshire Home Stager
(Sharon Tara Transformations)
UPDATE:   Shoreline Chiropractic is no longer in business and Dr. Sandberg is now at Middleton Chiropractic  Dover, NH.603-749-2045  This Hampton Falls chiropractor will keep your health and spine in line.  If you are looking for top-of-the-line treatment for discomfort or pain and are interested in a natural approach to better health, Dr. Kevin Sandberg is the person I suggest you call. Whether it's headaches, back pain, or neck pain, Dr. Sandberg will correct your problems to the extent possible by releasing all nerve interference or irritations to all parts of your body, including your areas of pain.I became one of Dr. Sandberg's patients after suffering from pain in my hands and arms for over a year.  Past visits to two different physical therapists and an orthopedic surgeon had not...
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By Beth Good Realtor, Temecula Horse Property Specialist
(Prime Horse Property)
Every now and again I get the opportunity to assist a client in their transition from a tract home or condo to the horse property of their dreams.  This time I am am assisting a young family sell their beautiful Murrieta home so that they can live in a more rural setting.  I have just listed their beautiful Murrieta home and we will be having an Open House this Saturday, August 17 from 12pm-3pm.  It is my hope that many of the local agents and their clients can make it to tour this beautiful home.  For those of you who would like to take a sneak peak or don't live in the area, have a look at the virtual tour.    Please take a moment to RSVP if you are coming by visiting,
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By Beth Good Realtor, Temecula Horse Property Specialist
(Prime Horse Property)
    9391 GUM TREE DRIVE, CORONA, CA, 92883List Price: $770,000MLS # SW14077629 Sprawling Ranch Home in CoronaThis is such a great house and I'm thrilled to be representing it!  Sweet little 2.6 acre property on a paved road with golf course and mountain views along with direct access to trails.  Easy commute to Orange County, just a really great find.  Priced so that you can bring your personal touches to this well-maintained beauty with an open floor plan and large rooms.     Beth Good, REALTOR®Allison James Estates & HomesPO BOX 891568TEMECULA, CA  
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By Anna Banana Kruchten CRS, Phoenix Broker, 602-380-4886
(HomeSmart Real Estate BR030809000)
The media frenzy sometimes drives me banana's! I'm a late starter on active rain but better later then never.  After today's media blitz I felt the need to take some time, get logged in and set up and find out what other agent around the country are doing to overcome the obstacles we keep getting hit with this past year or so.  We were on a run and sales were picking up quite abit until the whole bale out deal came to light.  People seem to be back to 'sitting on the fence' with a look and see attitude.  What is selling here in Phoenix are homes under 200K.  I've had more of them then I've had in years.  There are some smoking deals to be had out there right now.  I'd like to hear how you are marketing and working your way around the current ecomomic climate.  
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The Florida Association of Realtors published an article recently about the bidding wars that we have seen on some low priced homes in the Florida market.  It is an interesting phenomenon - many people expect to be able to get homes at far less than the asking price, but we are now seeing cases of homes selling for MORE than the asking price. In this kind of economy, that is certainly not what you'd expect!  But there are underlying reasons behind this situation.  These "bidding wars" are not breaking out on every property - in fact, the reason this is happening is because these properties are a rarity.  In a market filled with foreclosures and short sale properties, many in disrepair and banks taking months to even respond to offers, a home in good shape with a standard sale procedure ...
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In the any marketplace, most buyers are interested in "a deal" - a good property at a good price.  One place that buyers often turn to are "For Sale By Owner" properties.  These properties can indeed be a "great deal," but it is important to understand the issues surrounding them before you decide that this is the right kind of property for you. One of the most important facts to consider is that real estate selling agents are legally obligated to make sure that their seller discloses any problems with the property that he knows about.  If a seller is found to be trying to hide defects in his or her property, the contract can immediately be cancelled by the buyer. For Sale By Owner properties are not sold by real estate professionals and are not governed by the same rules - the owner of...
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In my last blog, I discussed For Sale By Owner properties and the issues surrounding purchasing a property directly from a seller as opposed to from a seller's agent. This time, I want to discuss are the issues with pricing a For Sale By Owner property.  For Sale By's tips for FSBO sellers claims that "over-pricing" is one of the major reasons that these properties don't sell, and suggests that these sellers price their properties 5 to 10 percent above the normal market price. This is not necessarily an attempt to make as much as possible by the seller.  Many sellers do not have the tools necessary to price a property correctly.  They may be basing their asking price on another sale in the neighborhood that they heard about a year ago, or on a price that they saw in another ar...
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The Central Florida real estate market is full of great opportunites for the smart homebuyer.  If prepared, a buyer is in the driver's seat and can negotiate the lowest price and best terms.  Of course, you must do your research and make sure you don't pay too much for a home.  But before you spend hours browsing the internet and driving around looking at homes, you must know how much you can afford.  Don't get "pre-qualified" online and assume the payment you see on your screen is what your total monthly payment will be.  Find a reputable, experienced lender who is located in the area you want to buy, talk to the lender personally and get "pre-approved" - not "pre-qualified" for a mortgage.  Find out what your monthly principal, interest,taxes and insurance - called P.I.T.I. - is going...
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Oftetimes buyers don't consider even looking at the property which is on the market too long. In many cases this leads to a missed opportunity. Those who do not hesitate to look and dig into the source of "why" it did not sell are in a position to find "how" to get a great deal! I took a listing a month ago in Newton on a brand new house which a year ago had an issue preventing it from being sold at $1.4 and then $1.3 million.  The issue since have been solved, the house now has more completed and usable space and the price has dropped to $1,230,000.  Every prospective buyer and realtor who came to the house during the month, was visibly impressed by finding more good things that meet the eye in a listing sheet, yet the buyer's fear of unknown issues may blind them from seing a fantasti...
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By Andy Brown-Climer School of Real Estate, The Best Real Estate School in Florida
(The Climer School of Real Estate)
May and June’s 2020’s Florida Real Estate State Exam Performance SummaryThe Latest Statistics Show the Florida Real Estate Exam Is Still Difficult2,326 More Reasons to Attend The Climer School of Real Estate The Best Real Estate School in Florida  The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) and Pearson Vue have released the Pass-Fail Performance Numbers for May and June 2020 for the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate License State Exam. First, if you are thinking about getting your Brokers License, The Climer School of Real Estate is starting a Brokers Pre-License Class August 17th, 2020. Andy Brown will be teaching this class. This is the best Brokers License Class in Florida and there is a waiting list.  We have a variety of Live Streaming Classes. Please check out ...
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By Anna Banana Kruchten CRS, Phoenix Broker, 602-380-4886
(HomeSmart Real Estate BR030809000)
                                      Breaking BananaTude News!          The BananaTude Group has new page on Facebook! BananaTudes Facebook Group Positive Attitude + Respectful of Others  = BananaTudes! Join the new FB BananaTudes Group!  To be approved into the group there are 3 simple questions you must answer.  It's very important that you understand our group rules and guidelines! Read below... Invite your ActiveRain friends that you know will appreciate an upbeat, positive group for networking, sharing of ideas, creating lasting friendships and have some fun along the way! And remind them if they don't answer the 3 questions they will not be approved.  BananaTudes Group Guidelines BananaTudes is a Networking Group for Dedicated Real Estate Professionals as well as lenders, stagers...
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