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To complement the image of the room with a rug is a good idea for those who want to transform their interior and are in search of special comfort. Also, the right design of area rugs, color and shape will make the rug the main semantic center of the room. The rug will become a link and unite the ...

By Craig Lebrau, Property Geek in Upper East Side NYC
(Lebrau Property)
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From super soft mattresses to an ultra firm one, where does your preference lie when it comes to the firmness of a mattress? When talking about how firm a mattress is, you’re focusing on how hard or soft it feels. Given that everyone is different, how firm a mattress feels is subjective. As for w...

By Wendy Smith, Realtor Serving Lake Norman & Surrounding Areas
(Wendy Smith Team)
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By now your Christmas decorations have been removed and your house may feel a little empty. Look around... is it time for a Fresh Look? Let's discuss your options! For a limited time, I'm offering FREE 1 Hour Consultations to Lake Norman and Surrounding Area Residents.  Schedule Your FREE Consult...

By HomeWarranty Reviews, A Review Platform For Home Warranty Companies
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Have you ever wondered why ceiling fans make noise? A Strange Noise from ceiling fans can get extremely annoying and, if you ignore the noise for too long, it can get worse with time. To understand what causes the noise in your ceiling fan, you have to identify the root cause of the problem.  Alw...
Are you remodeling your current home or designing a new one from the bottom up? If you said yes to either, you're likely wondering how to find an excellent builder. So many options exist, but how do you know what to look for? Fortunately, finding a contractor isn't too different from hiring any o...

By Pat Champion, Call the "CHAMPION" for all your real estate needs
(Coldwell Banker Camelot Realty)
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5 Easy Ways to Give Your Home Some LoveA well-kept home creates an inviting, relaxing, well-functioning environment. And maintaining a home pays off in value. When you make these five tips part of your regular home maintenance routine, they help you keep feeling the love every day, whether your h...

By Jennifer Stone, Favorite Four Letter Word: SOLD
(Big Show Realty)
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Nothing converts your backyard to a useful space like a swimming pool. But to get that heaven-on-earth experience, you have to design the pool with your intention at the top of your mind. While the water area is given prominence in most cases, the surrounding space is equally important. Therefore...

By Richa Nayyar
(Coming service)
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Whether you are looking for the commercial office space for your company or your investment, you will want to know a thing or two about doing this the right way. The process of attaining the commercial office space can be daunting. But here are the useful tips which you can consider when you are ...

By Samuel John, We give you daily about real estate market.
(Daily Real Estate Update)
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 We spend a lot of time in our living rooms - so it needs to be comfortable, functional and stylish. Combining all three can be tricky, but you can rest easy we have a couple of examples that would inspire you. From formal spaces, minimalist living rooms, to rustic and country charm living rooms,...

By Donald A. Masters
(Master Home & Building Inspections, LLC)
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I've run across several basements recently that have had the typical "interior perimeter waterproofing", with the basement block walls in really poor condition, including peeling paint, cracking parge, and mineral deposit leeching.. This has given me reason to put more thought into the inspection...

By Joseph Doohan, I offer business strategy advice for realtors
(Joseph Doohan)
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There are so many tech options for making your experience at home so much better! The growth of smart home technology is one thing but there are so many other items that are not necessarily "smart home products" that are now considered essential. In this post I am going to discuss some of the top...

By Khuwalid Khalid
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People might use pottery wheels or hand building for their pottery but molds are invaluable when it comes to creating some amazing structures and pottery that you will definitely love!Now, why would you want to use a mold? You might think that by using molds, you are cheating. But that is not the...

By Chrissy Boltan, Service professional specializing in Real Estate
(Pro Services)
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Can you swim in a pool with high pH? Having the right ph levels in a swimming pool is important because this ensures both the safety of your health and your eyesight. If you immerse yourself in a swimming pool that has a higher acidity level than normal, this could be hazardous. Keeping your swim...

By Joe Gonzalez, NMLS# 126036 (610) 739-6563
(CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC NMLS #3029)
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Chimneys are as old as homes themselves. Yet, when it comes to chores, cleaning the chimney is one of the most neglected tasks. While people often think about yard work and housework, they often forget to clean the chimney.When someone neglects to clean the chimney, they risk the development of m...
If the amount of children in a class is about 30, two teenagers is currently using heroin. A poll found that 2% of Arizona adolescents through 12 have tried heroin, and it is a drug. There is no going back following heroin misuse that is severe — .According to a National Survey of Drug Use and He...

By Chrissy Boltan, Service professional specializing in Real Estate
(Pro Services)
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Garage is an important part of the house. There is no doubt that the garage door plays a crucial role to open and close the garage door. This garage door can be operated with the help of the door opener i.e. a remote control. You need to understand that this remote controller is just like any oth...

By Ron Trzcinski, 410-935-5844
(Century 21, The Real Estate Centre, 410-665-0200 Office)
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Don't Destroy the House; Hire a Structural Engineer The other day I looked at a house which had numerous cracks in the exterior walls of the first floor and cracks all around the foundation walls. A rough rule of thumb with cracks is that if they are less than the thickness of a quarter, then the...

By Joan Cox, Denver Real Estate - Selling One Home at a Time
(House to Home, Inc. - Denver Real Estate - 720-231-6373)
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 We see these types of ceilings all the time in homes 1990 and older.    Here is the description of these ceilings -A popcorn ceiling (slang), also known as a textured ceiling, cottage cheese ceiling, stipple ceiling, a stucco ceiling or formally an acoustic ceiling, is a ceiling with a certain s...

By Tamra Lee Ulmer, FORCE~NRBA ~ Over 1000 REO Assets SOLD!
(Arizona Resource Realty)
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One of the most mystifying things that can happen in your garden is when a plant gets a disease. How did it happen? Will it spread? Will all your plants die? How can you get rid of it? The most important thing to understand about disease prevention is something called the disease triangle. Diseas...

By Rono Williams
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The legalization of cannabis in select states has created a new demand for homes and residences. With criminal penalties removed from the recreational use of marijuana in a private setting, people are flocking to those states to enjoy a lifestyle now open to them.Menopause is one of the most dram...