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Informative and entertaining witticisms pertaining to all Real Estate and it's related realms. The commentary should be thought provoking within an informal environment. Statistics regarding local real estate are frequently provided as a guide to assess long and short term trends. Generally associated with all forms of Real Estate and Property development in America throughout its history.
No, green tea does not have this kind of power to reshape a person's body. What it does have is many attributes which are positive for good health and body functions. There are some who cannot tolerate the effects of caffeine and this tea has plenty. Also, studies show that it may affect iron abs...
Anyone else up for some Tuna today? Have a Great lunch!
We constatntly come up against others who for some reason have to complicate almost everything they touch. If you can accommodate just half of these thoughts you'll be far ahead of the game. "Make life easy.  Make it fun."-Carol WilliamsI saw a post on Facebook today that I really liked.  I wish ...
 Americans love the Thanksgiving Holiday! It's a time for family, friends and reflection. The holiday is recognized as beginning on Wednesday at 6:00 PM and ends on Sunday at 11:59 PM. Of the millions who travel 90% will be doing so by car and sadly this is exactly the reason for my concern. Tha...
 The days when baring it all was our favorite form of protest!
It's getting more and more rare to find those businesses that are landmarks of the Town of Jupiter. Our growth has soared in the last 15 years and some of the traditional favorites are being slowly displaced by what are supposedly the latest and greatest. I'm here to tell you that I frequent them...
A decade has passed since The Bubble burst yet Sellers are still not breaking even to this day. I've recently had three cross my path and it's a journey that's quite uncomfortable, not for me but definitely for the owners. Some of these homes have been on the market for more than a 1,000 days. I ...
Many of you might be thinking "I wasn't even born yet" but much of this song continues to apply to today. Even though a half centuy has passed since this song's release the turmoil continues unabated. The difference is in the players but essentially the tune goes on and on. Take a look around you...
It intrigues me enough when there's money left on the table in any real estate transaction but when it's all up to you and fail to perform there's no one left to blame.I can only hope that this ticket purchaser is in good health and might see this windfall, which began back in January, come to fr...
Freedom is not Free I watched the flag pass by one day.It fluttered in the breeze.A young Marine saluted it,and then he stood at ease.I looked at him in uniformSo young, so tall, so proud,he'd stand out in any crowd.I thought how many men like himhad fallen through the years.How many died on fore...

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