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Rhode Island Real Estate. Information and commentary on the real estate market in RI. We have an office on Bellevue Avenue in Newport, RI and another office on Main Street in Wickford, RI. We are planning expansion throughout the state. William Raveis is the 12th largest real estate firm in the nation and the largest family owned real estate firm in New England. From Manhattan to Maine, we are New Englands real estate company. apartments
I was a huge fan of 60 Minutes.  I always thought that they were somewhat above the commercialism of news programming.  Well, another sad day.  The recent episode was basically an advertisement for Redfin and contained so many errors and misconceptions!!  Very sad.We should all write a letter to ...
Now that the weather has improved, significantly, will the Buyers come out into the sunshine and start to express interest in properties?  That was the hope, and yes, I am glad to report that our Pending Index, or total number of contracts written per day, for Newport County has improved!  In mid...
Well, we HOPE that the recent downturn in demand is a result of the dismal weather in most of February and March.  I, for one, believe it is a factor.  Not the only factor but mostly the weather dampened sales.  (Sorry for the pun... well not really!) So, let's get to the numbers.  From February ...
Boston Office Market to Break Sales RecordBoston's office market is on pace to break last year's sales record of $6.3 billion, says Jones Lang LaSalle. The brokerage's Q1 2007 report finds that $5.6 billion worth of Boston office sales took place in Q1. Jones Lang LaSalle said that investors are ...
When will this weather improve so that our market can finally get into spring gear?  I have been selling real estate for over 13 years in RI and know that weather can dramatically effect a market.  This year is a perfect case in point.  Demand was up nearly 15% in mid March and now it is on par w...
Is Portsmouth, RI ready for a big box Target store?  I'm not sure that we need or want this store, espceially in the proposed location.  Check out http://www.preserveportsmouth.org/ to get the whole story.  And also check out www.torvex.com/jmcdaid/ for a very good blog about the local happenings...
Hats off to Rhody's Firsts:WE were the first to renounce the crown, establish religious freedom and create an action figure.  That would be G.I.Joe.  We're home to the first industrial mill, Jewish Temple, roller-skating rink, and not just the first Baptist church - in 1638 - but the First Baptis...
My very good friend Steve Patterson is working to clean up our bay!  Please support this vital project.  If you have a waterfront property, Steve can show you how we can all work together to clean up the bay and re-establish the shellfish industry to Narragansett Bay!RI-OGRE UpdateOyster Gardenin...
The first quarter of 2007 is in the books.  The real estate "meltdown" as some would call it DID NOT materialize in the area, in fact demand is up in certain areas and types of products and overall supply is down.  So, let's go to the numbers:Newport County overall supply is down 9% since August ...
It happened again.  Just the other day I was on a listing appointment when the prospective clients said, "Well I know this is a really bad time to try to sell.  The market is awful".  Why is it that people who have no idea on a market like real estate think they know exactly what's going on in th...

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