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About a month ago Steve, a rep for Brian Tracy, came to speak at our weekly office meeting.  He gave us the super quick motivational speech and then the pitch.  "Did you learn anything today? Do you think you could benefit from listening to ideas like this for a full day?"  Then he went through t...
I had the privileged of attending an all day seminar yesterday with guest speakers, Bob Burg and Brian Tracy.  To be honest, I knew a bit about Brian Tracy and am currently reading his book, GOALS!  but I had never heard of Bob Burg.  I got the two for one "special" so I bought tickets for both s...
I live in Dallas, but those of us who live in Oak Cliff rarely say we live in Dallas.  I am proud to say I live in Oak Cliff!  I am a Cliff Dweller.  More specifically I live in North Oak Cliff. Oak Cliff is the largest of the five areas of Dallas.  It used to be it's own city before it was annex...
I am learning more everyday that my grandma is a very wise woman.  I remember when I fist moved out on my own her telling me, "Your rent and household bills should not be more than 1 weeks pay."  I did the math, and thought to myself, "I can't find a place cheap enough to live on one weeks pay."...
My neighborhood was built in the 1950s and so we have several neighbors who have lived here since they first bought their house over 50 years ago.  Do the math, most are well over eighty and some are even in the nineties  My next door neighbor, Esmond, is 94 years old!  We can all only hope to l...
Blogging…I have given it a weak attempt once before, but this time I really am going to post regularly and try to make my post as entertaining as possible.  There may be a little business talk here and there because life can’t be ALL fun and games, can it? I encourage you to comment and be as in...
Wynnewood North, Oak Cliff, TX For my first blog, I think it's appropriate to start with my own neighborhood in Oak Cliff, Wynnewood North.  When my husband and I first moved into Wynnewood our plan was to remodel our house in the two years we'd planned on keeping it and sell.  After living in W...

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