The number of attacks on real estate agents has been rising over the last several years, becoming more violent and deadly as well.   In May of 2011, in West Des Moines, Iowa, 27 year old Ashley Okland was fatally shot in the head and chest while working at a model home.  The crime remains unsolve...
Mark, Great blog, I think alot of people are still weary and can recall the interest only loans during the bubble years.  Very informative and offers buyers another optionWill An Interest-Only Mortgage Work For You?     Have you been researching your different options for a mortgage on your home,...
So I recently met a guy by the name of Mark Taylor, I'm sure he won't mind me using his name so Google's little spider can crawl over this blog and add it to his Google presence.  Have you ever met a person where from the moment you met them you just got along and knew you were going to develop ...
The U.S. housing market is making gains when tradtional wisdom says it shouldn't be.  How is this possible if other global economies face dire straits and markets fluctuate so volatily daily?  I remember exactly where I was in Septmember 2008 when the economic market crashed.  I can recall tellin...
While our elected leaders remain deeply divided over the pending implementation of Obama Care, a little known by product can and will affect all of us in the real estate industry.  If lawmakers in Washington can't figure out a way to avoid a government shutdown, then pending FHA, VA and rural loa...

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