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I'll keep you up to date on the latest happenings in Central Florida Real Estate and share success ideas.
Andy's Foreclosure Interview Reunites a Family After Years & Years! Wow, this is a story you probably don't hear every day.  Yesterday I was contacted by email by someone stating she was a relative of someone I had interviewed about losing her house.  Through some back searching I found the artic...
Is it safe to buy a foreclosed home? Right now that is what's on most of America's minds... Is it safe to buy a foreclosure home?  Several of the large lenders have frozen foreclosure proceedings because of possible mis-steps in the filing of the foreclosure case file.  Some people argue that the...
About a week ago I stumbled across the new site, and wanted to share it with you.  Today, I got an "official" email announcement from Equator. On it they have: videos webcasts (both future and replays) education guides reference guides links to other sites (l...
Can One Player Really Blow the Whole Game?  Short Sales Broken Down! This past Saturday I watched the Florida Gators play Mississippi State.  It was painful to watch, all the way to the very end where we had a few seconds left and a field goal would have tied the game and given us a chance at red...
Is Your Marketing YUMMY enough to eat? Fast food restaurants spend thousands of dollars just taking one picture of their new burger to make it look SOOOoooo yummy that you want to drop everything and get in the drive thru line and try one.  How much time are you spending to make YOUR marketing ge...
Hmmmm..... many of us come to AR to learn the lates tips, tricks & techniques for improving our real estate businesses, especially in the field of marketing and now "social" marketing... Can you imagine if someone used those same skills for EVIL? Like taking over the world? What if they used thos...
I was arrested for being a Realtor... will they have any evidence?   Picture this FICTIONAL situation... You've been arrested (gasp!) for the unconscionable crime of being a Realtor.  The prosecutor is putting together their case against you... will it all be heresay or will there be any cold, ha...
HELP!  I need 5 listings by the end of the month!   That's what one of the newer agents here in the office said to me the other day.  He's set himself a goal of 5 new listings this month and asked me for some ideas on how to get them.  Sometimes the strangest things get me going on a tangent, and...
Do you have your DREAM business?   I had the wonderful pleasure of hearing Wendy Kurtz speak at a meeting I was at this week.  Wendy consults with some of the top speakers and authors in the country on building their brand and selling more books.  Since I've been tossing around the idea of writin...
Today Fannie Mae launched a new consumer education website on foreclosure options. The way I found out about it was when I received a call from the Orlando CBS affiliate, Channel 6 News asking if they could interview me about the new site... So while he was asking me quest...

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