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I'll keep you up to date on the latest happenings in Central Florida Real Estate and share success ideas.
Time for your real estate agent 6 month performance review... Here we are... halfway through the year.  Time to take a look back at the last 6 months and see where you've been and what your results were.  Set aside at least a half hour to complete this... 1. Look at your closed transactions so fa...
"Positive Thinking" and "Law of Attraction" are Malarky! Here's why... I think some of the "Positive Thinking" and "law of attraction" ideas have been taken a little too far.  Don't get me wrong...  I completely understand AND  implement the concepts, but IT DOESN'T WORK if you're sitting on the ...
How "Bad Andy" has made me a better agent When you play the Nintendo Wii video game, you start by setting up a "Mii" which is your character you'll use to play many of the games.  I first set mine up as a cute blonde with blue eyes... "Andy".  The problem with "Andy" was she kept losing to "Tim" ...
How to take back control of your time... in meetings and other interactions!   This morning I made a BIG change in our property management meetings here at the office.  On the big plasma TV we have in the conference room to show listings on... I set up a 15 minute countdown timer (just google it)...
I like to report what's going on in the Seminole County foreclosure market (which includes short sales and bank owned).  Whether you're considering selling your home or you're looking to buy a home (first homes AND investment properties) The knowledge our office has of the Seminole County market ...
What's Homeownership REALLY Worth in Central Florida Homeowners have seen a decline in their homes value in the last few years. That's a fact.  If you bought your home in 2004-2008, it's probably worth less than you paid. However how is homeownership in the LONG RUN? The National Association of R...
How's YOUR follow up system? We've all heard it for years, the key is in the follow up... most sales are made after the umpteenth follow up... follow up is critical... got the picture? Well, I agree 110%.  But I practice only about 50%.  I know that is the weakest part of my business and I am wor...
ARE YOU READY TO HIRE AN ASSISTANT?   Ok, it's official: real estate has been tough over the last few years.  But now many of us that are left are finding a whole new challenge... NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY!!!  I talk to agents all the time that are swamped and are considering if it's time to hi...
What's a Good Closing Gift for a Real Estate Client? Since I'm now a partner in our brokerage I've taken on a lot of new roles... manager, recruiter, garbage can empty-er, trainer, bottle-washer... I think you get the picture!  It's been an exciting year so far, and I think that the questions my ...
No Closing if the house is in a flood zone!!! Beware!!! Yes, this is for real, no joke, no snopes, no closing, no commission! The NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) has expired!  The Senate did not pass an extension to the program before taking their spring break.  Hopefully they'll extend i...

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