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Sunday morning I met (sort of) new buyer client prospects. My client brought them with him to HIS showing appointment so i could meet them. Not the way I would normally like to meet new clients. They have not spoken with a lender yet. Anyway to make a long story as short as possible - the potenti...
Several years ago I attended a workshop with a trainer for the company I was with at the time. She covered a ton of material. I will truthfully admit I am a workshop and webinar junkie but don't always use what I learn. But this was one of the absolute best responses I have ever learned for the o...
So, after losing a couple of listings recently I have been feeling very sorry for myself, you feel sorry for me too right? Say, yes . . . oh, never mind.  Anyway, as I was saying, I am feeling sad and lonely (hide the chocolate) because nobody likes me. All this whining reminded me of something m...
Visit 2 North Shore Drive 24/7 at Stunning 2002 built year round home on 105' of waterfront on Lake Ontario. Outstanding property. $824,900.
Back on March 30th I wrote a post about my son and his girlfriend and their search to purchase their first home. After all an $8000 tax credit would cover improvements and repairs they might want to make and she had d...
How do you budget your time? Are you a to do list groupie or a fly by the seat of your pants? Do you set certain times of the day for specific tasks? I really wish I could get myself on some kind of schedule and stick to it. Right now I have 2 things I do each week that I have scheduled specific ...
Have a question for agents working with buyers. When you show a home, do you prefer the agent to be in attendance, the seller of the home or no one (lockbox access). Listing agents, what do you typically do? Open the house, have your seller on the premises to either show it or make themselves sca...
Here I am day 3 and already stuck! So here goes. Since sitting at the computer for 10 minutes turns into 2 hours, how do you set limits for time spent on blogging and social media contributions? Do you follow everyone that follows you on twitter? I was, except for a couple of people that I didn't...
Funny how I always find something to talk about but sitting down to write something worthwhile that others would be interested in reading is a whole 'nother story. How about this email subject I received today: looking for East Irondequoit under $90,000. And there have been others for Webster, Fa...
Well, here I am 10:52 PM. Have been at this laptop almost all day. Why is it I can't fit everything in? And now, I am going to add one more thing to my to do list. Blogging every day for 21 days. Have to make it a habit. That and better time management. I just bought one of those really big round...

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