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Bill Roberts writes about everything you need to make informed decisions regarding your financial well-being from utilizing your IRA, to buying a business, to managing your mortgage for tax advantages and net worth, to investing in land and other investment real estate
Are You A Prepper? by Bill RobertsFor the last several years there has been a spate of Prepper shows on TV. You may have found these programs to be interesting and entertaining.But did you think that, just maybe, these people are slightly kooky?If so, you may have missed some of the warning signs...
Brew 102When I was a kid growing up in Los Angeles County back in the 1950sthere was a popular beer called Brew102. According to theiradvertising they tried 101 brews until they finally got it right. Brew102. BTW, I never had any. I don't drink beer.This year the personal income tax is 102 years ...
Do You Like Rewards?Do you like it when the store you go to gives you rewards just forshopping there? How many rewards programs do you belong to?Are you able to "see" tangible results for your participation?Is it worth the trouble?Would you like it better if your rewards program was available atm...
Will You Pay Over Appraisal?What do you do when a bidding war breaks out on a listing your client wants to write an offer on? Your buyer has been pre-approved for a mortgage. They have a limit on how much they can pay. They have limited funds for down payment and closing costs.Then the bidding wa...
An Improving Economy? by Bill Roberts The Baby Boomer Retirement PlannerOn a regular basis the government releases numbers that would suggest that things are getting better.The unemployment rate keeps going down, or so they say, while the number of people who actually have jobs is less every mont...
Would You Drive 60 Miles To Get Your Car Repaired? That is exactly what I did today. Actually, it was a little more than 60 miles (one way). Why would I do that? It was all about the money. Not just the money that was being charged, but also the money I expect to get back. You see, this particula...
Here's A Tip......Don't Leave one, Or Expect One There is a trend beginning in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bars and restaurants are adopting a NO TIPPING policy.This has been brought about by the pressure for a $15 minimum wage. Already California has a $9 minimum wage, but the Bay Area cities ha...
Knock On The WallIt's not a line from a 1970s hit song;It is the punch line from a 1950s advertising campaign.Back in the post-war (WWII) boom of the 1950s contractors were putting up tracts of starter homes all over Southern California.The contractors wanted to move fast and save money.They star...
What Happened? Do You Know? Why Are You Blaming Me? by Bill Roberts. What happened to our business over the last ten years? Do you know or just think you do? And why are you blaming me? I routinely "follow" the blog posts of the mortgage professionals that I know here on ActiveRain. I read their ...
Does That Mean I Won't Share?I am not a network marketer, but does that mean I won't share my good experiences with you?If I stumble upon a great restaurant, I will be sure to share to that information with almost everybody.If I see a good movie, I will be sure to tell you.If there is a really go...

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Everything that the "Baby Boomer" needs to make sound financial decisions regarding real estate investing and retirement planning. Business Opportunities, self-directed IRA retirement plans, and mortgage strategies.