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I'm happy to be off to a good start ... 24 hours after publishing Real Estate Referral Manifesto - Discover Secrets About Referrals Lead Generation Companies Don't Want You to Know is #5 in the Real Estate category and #2 for Direct Marketing. I have it priced at 99 cents for the first few days o...
I published a new Kindle book.
This video was created as a support video for buyers of the "Real Estate Social Media Policies and Procedures Manual." Topics include targeted ads and email marketing, technology, and FTC compliance.  
Joeann Fossland is the best real estate coach in the business. She's been working with top performers for many years and she teaches the Women's Council of Realtors PMN designation class about networking and referrals.     Here's Joeann's Fabulous 50 List. You can use this to build a list in any ...
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 I started to put some thoughts together about how to grow your business tenfold in 2012. It's not a get-righ-quick scheme ... it's something that takes a lot of planning and hard work. I wrote an outline, but it's longer than a blog post, so I assembled my thoughts in a special report. You can c...
I'm getting ready to add a bunch of new content to the Government Home Sale Professional class this week ... I pulled this out to share! This is PART ONE of a video series that will air this week. Here is a link to pick up your template and blueprint. You can sign up for the rest of the series here.

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