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Buying a new home in South Florida?  Better not forget the closing costs.  I know when I first moved here 22 years ago I almost had a heart attack when I saw them.  South Carolina's closing costs are in the hundreds, but Florida's is in the thousands! If you think you have enough for a down payme...
Miami and Miami Beach may be the center of the tourist universe, but I would not discount the beauty and liveliness of Ft. Lauderdale either.  Vacationers often touch down at the Ft. Lauderdale airport and make a beeline for I-95 South when some of the best tourist destinations are right under th...
I know a lot of you entrepreneurs out there do not want to hear this, but it's only fair that I tell you.  Although Airbnb is a very nice alternative to hiring a real person; i. e., a realtor, it may not always be the safest route for making money legally.  I am certain that there are many landlo...
Top 10 rules for driving in Miami.1. Never use a a blinker.  That would be way too courteous.2. Cut off as many people as possible before an exit or at a bottleneck.3. Drive extremely slow in the left lane.4. Wear your earbuds while driving.  You wouldn't want to hear anything like an ambulance b...
There is a difference between a cleaning and a deep cleaning.  If you want your home sold quickly and to appraise for a bit more it is best if you go as deep cleaning as possible.  I would even argue that this is even more important than staging.  One should attack the job like a spring cleaning ...
Your housing cost burden is the percentage of your income you spend on housing.  Bottom line, if it is more than 30% you are in big trouble.  That number is supposed to be the national average, but South Florida stands way above that national average at a whopping 50% for 25% of residents.  As a ...
In today's market sellers are super eager to accept only the highest offer that comes their way.  It's a bit greedy, but that is human nature.  As a realtor, however, my job is to get the seller the highest and best offer.  Never leave out that second part of the equation.  So let us suppose that...
I am worried about climate change and you should be too if you live in South Florida.  Experts have been painting a very ugly picture of Florida's future if we don't start to change as human beings now because climate change is essentially caused by us. We have the power to make things right, but...
There is a huge income gap in Miami and the entire South Florida area for that matter.  Yesterday two article appeared in the papers.  The first, which is national, stated that Miami is the worst place in the country to live and the second, a local paper, rebutted with sarcasm.What the first was ...
There's been a lot of talk about climate change lately, especially here in Miami.   But I wonder what is being done about it and how we as a people can do.  I have already seen what happens to Miami-Dade and Miami Beach after an afternoon shower, so I can't even imagine what a hurricane would do ...

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