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Are you ready for this?  Here is how Miami, Florida is attempting to reinvent its real estate self.  The Miami new construction condo market is now 90% foreign owned.  Things are looking good for the time being and realtors galore in Dade County are just eating it all up with their South American...
Interested in investing in Orlando, Florida real estate again?  Now may be the time.  Prices are increasing again and the city of Orlando is fast growing as one of the nation's elite vacation and primary destinations.  Encore Club is just four miles away from Disney World and includes resort styl...
Home for sale in Silverlakes of Pembroke Pines.  In this new era of home sales in South Florida it is a rarity to find a single family home in Broward County ready for a new owner.  This spacious and lovely two story home offers a split floor plan with a bedroom and full bath on the ground floor ...
Never, under any circumstances, should a buyer waive a home inspection.  Even if the purchase is "as is" you still have a right to back out of a contract if the inspection comes back with too many defects or big ones that are out of control financially, so why wouldn't you do it?  For peace of mi...
Be on the lookout for IRS scam. Please read all of this as you may be the next target and should know what to do.  Con artists are always thinking of the next scam.  This one involves the IRS.  One of these guys will call you pretending to be and IRS agent accusing you of tax fraud.  He will give...
"Don't give up, don't ever give up!"  In tough real estate times, and I know a lot of you don't think this is, it is important that you keep the words of  legendary basketball coach Jimmy Valvano in the back of your mind at all times.  This man did the unthinkable with a team that had no business...
These are all questions that every homeowner should be asking themselves because so often these items are the first to go or become a problem and if you are aware of what to do in an emergency repair situation you could avert many more problems and costs to come. The good news is that all of thes...
How will global climate change affect Florida? I got news for you.  It is more real than you think.  Experts have predicted, and by the way, warned us for years that this was coming.  Now they have all come to the conclusion that South Florida will be underwater by ten to thirteen feet within my ...
These are tough times for South Florida's first time homebuyers.  These buyers who were scared off from buying during the recession have now come back with a vengence.  They eagerly want to buy a home and are credit worthy.  Only problem is they are competing in a market that is inundated with fo...
Keep it conversational. Ask questions from your audience, present challenges and offer solutions. Never make the same pitch twice. Each sales pitch should be tailored specifically to each audience. Everyone loves stories. Telling good stories in your sales pitch requires gathering as much intell...

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